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4K HDMI KVM SWITCH & Over CAT6 Extender KVM (Single Cable / Supports IR)

A KVM switch provides a quick and cost-effective way to access several PCs with just a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. It can save more space and cost, improve work efficiency and facilitate your life while working from home, especially during this pandemic period. However, there are many types of KVM switches on the market, and choosing the right one can be a little challenging. Here are major considerations when choosing your KVM switch.


Number of Source Computers and USB Peripheral Devices

The number of ports determines the amount of source computers, servers or other source devices that you can connect to and access from a KVM switch. First of all, you should figure out how many computers you need to access as well as how many USB peripheral devices you need for controlling these computers. For example, you have a work PC and a gaming PC at home, and you need to control them with a set of USB peripheral devices, like keyboard, mouse and gamepad. Then you can choose a KVM switch with two ports or four ports, like EZCOO SW21KVM-U3L & SW41KVM-U3L. In a data control center, operators usually need one KVM console to control a large number of computers, so a KVM switch with dozens of USB ports is required.

Video Type & Resolution

KVM switches can support a variety of digital and analog video connector types, like HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA and USB-C. Video support depends on the switch you are using: some supports VGA, DVI, HDMI and DP simultaneously, while others may only support HDMI. Nevertheless, you can also employ video adapters to convert or adapt between different video types. 

Another key factor is video resolution, which can vary by device.Many KVM switches will claim to support 4K, but here you need to understand 4K30Hz and 4K60Hz in detail, and some are signals that have been compressed by IP, which will cause delays and mouse smear failures. If you have high resolution requirements, consider analog switches like EZSW41KVM-U3L, as they provide a higher resolution up to 4K60 YUV4:4:4, higher than most digital products.

Distance Requirements

CatX KVM switches offer longer connection distances over standard KVMs by using CatX user stations. And some KVM over IP solutions allow users to access a server from unlimited distances.

KVM sources can also be extended using KVM extenders. The maximum distance with a Cat5 KVM extender varies; some high-end analog Cat5 extenders allow users to be up to 300 feet away from the servers.Like EZ-EX70H2-KVM. For the greatest distances, consider fiber KVM extenders, which can extend access over distances of six miles or more.

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