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EZCOO 4K @ 60 Hz 1x4 HDMI Splitter 4 Port 4:4:4 8-bit - HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, 18 Gbps

HDMI Splitter

EZ-SP12HAS is a 1x2 splitter for HDMI with Ultra HD 4K support. This splitter reliably distributes one HDMI source signal to two HDMI outputs. Especially when you have one 4K TV and one 1080P TV, the HDMI output2 can down scaler to 1080P if you have 4K source.
It supports HDMI 2.0 specification features including data rates up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit, HDR and HDCP2.2, Deep Color, 3D, Lip Sync, and HD lossless Audio/Video formats.
It is ideal choice for applications which require the distribution of an HDMI source signal to multiple outputs.


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