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Your Productivity While Working from Home

Because of the long-lasting lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, more companies and individuals are coming up with new plans for working from home. Thanks to the rapid development of smart technology, setting up a home office has become much easier than before. There are more tools and devices you can utilize to boost your productivity and maintain good health when working away from the office. Here's a list of essential gadgets and gear if you find yourself working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Good, Comfortable Chair and Desk

You might have been using the kitchen table and chair for working from home occasionally, or you’ve got used to lounging on the couch in front of Netflix and work away while watching your favorite box set. You may think this will be a long-term solution, but it'll be hell. If you continue to work like this, your low back or shoulders will start to complain, and it will be all downhill from there. Thus, it is important to get a wide office desk and a comfortable chair considering your health care. They are the foremost equipment you need to invest in.


 2. Fast Internet Connection & Reliable Wi-Fi Router

If your Internet connection fails then your productivity will take a nosedive. This is why fast Internet connection is so important. While working from home, you are likely to burn through your Internet bandwidth, doubly so if you attend video conferencing very often. It is necessary to consider upgrading this as you don't want limits or extra charges to start kicking in when you least expect them. Another thing to bear in mind is the Wi-Fi connection in your home office. With the popularity of smartphone and tablet computer, it is significant to install a high-quality wireless router in your house for reliable Wi-Fi transmission.

3. KVM Switch if You Are Using more than One PC

If you are using a laptop, do yourself a favor and get a keyboard, mouse and monitor for yourself. It is quite terrible to spend hours a day sliding the control panel and tapping the small buttons over a laptop. In the long term, your health will suffer a lot.


Nowadays some of you perhaps need to use two, sometimes three computers/laptops at your work station. However, setting up three monitors, keyboards and three mice can make your desk far too crowded and cost a lot of money. In this case, you can employ a KVM switch to control several PCs with just a set of keyboard, monitor and mouse. EZ-SW41KVM-U3L switch can do a great job in multiple PC control and switching. It can help you save more space and cost, improve work efficiency and facilitate your life while working from home, especially during this pandemic period.

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